The Best Ham and Cheese Sandwich. Everything Else is Inferior.

Step 1: Find a baguette.  Make sure it doesn’t suck.

Step 2: Cut it in half, so that you can put stuff in it.

Step 3: Smear apple butter on both halves.  Place honey ham and some gruyere on each half and set them in a broiling pan so that the cheese is NOT sticking to the pan.

Step 4: Broil that shit.

Step 5: Once broiled, remove from oven and add spicy brown mustard and fresh spinach to your liking.

Step 6: Take picture of your delicious creation so that everyone can be jealous of your mad skills.  Devour.


Man this used to be a bánh mì (it is from the past)

Although this picture appears to your (presumably) primitive simian mind as if it could be in the present, DO NOT BE DECEIVED!! It is in fact chronicling a past event in which a sandwich existed- a Vietnamese-type-esque sandwich, called a bánh mì. It had meats and also vegetables in it, and used pâté as a condiment. Oh Vietnam, will you ever get this sandwich thing right? That is why the French colonized Vietnam, to teach them how to use mayonnaise. A lot of people think it was for prestige/resources or perhaps because Europeans of the time just loved making railroads- not true! It was at least 70% mayo-driven.


It Begins

This is the First Baguette.

The First Baguette

It is a personal favourite. Freshly baked white baguette, filled with chicken goujons and Double Gloucester cheese. I used to often buy these in shops in Ireland but they can’t seem to get them right around here so I have to resort to creating them myself.


Welcome to BaguettesAll4Me

It is likely you have not previously experienced Baguettes of this magnitude.